Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Real War on Christmas

Here in America, you hear a lot of talk about the "War on Christmas". It generally revolves around the public displays of celebrations of Christmas, crosses, mangers etc, which atheist activists decide offends them. Thus, schools are forced to cancel celebrations of Christmas, and public buildings are forced to take down Christmas displays. Judges issue rulings, and believing Christians are offended.

The War on Christmas.

It seems to me, however, that we are ignoring the real war on Christmas, even as it is playing out before our eyes. Do you remember the 2016 incident in Berlin, when a Muslim terrorist  drove a truck into the Berlin Christmas Market? Twelve people were killed.

Just this past week, German police foiled a plot to drive a vehicle into the Karlsruhe Christmasmarkt. Though the suspect has not been fully identified, it is safe to say he is a Muslim jihadist

It goes without saying that Germans on are high alert this week due to the fact that they are famous for Christmas markets. Eighteen people were injured. That there were no fatalities was a miracle

Also, in Australia, an Afghan man, who had entered the country as a refugee, drove his vehicle Thursday into a crowd of Christmas shoppers. That there were no deaths is a miracle.

And now, the FBI has arrested an apparent convert to Islam who was planning to attack a Christmas day in San Francisco with a suicide bomb-on behalf of ISIS.

The jihadists have decided that this is the best way to wage a real war on Christmas-by killing Christians as they celebrate our sacred holiday. That is because, after all, they are conducting a war on Christians, just as they are conducting a war on Jews. In the Middle East, ISIS did not wait for the Christmas season to roll around. While they were conquering territory and cities in Iraq and Syria, they set about identifying Christians and killing those who either agreed to pay the jizya tax or got out of town. In Egypt, the followers of the Muslim Brotherhood burn down churches while killing and raping Christians who refuse to convert to Islam.

That, Dear Reader, is the real war on Christmas.  We would do well to remember that the next time we get (rightfully) angered over others challenging our right to celebrate Christmas in public.

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