Saturday, December 9, 2017

Muslims in Malmo call for Death to Jews

Hat tip Jihad i Malmo

There has been an ugly demonstration in Malmo, in which a mob of Muslims called for the deaths of Jews. The below Facebook video is dated 12-7-17, but there is some confusion as to whether it occurred after Friday prayers (12-8-17). At any rate, sub-titling pending, I can tell you that the Arabic chants, which are translated into Swedish sub-titles read (chants are repeated two times),

Khaybar Khayber- O Jew: The Army of Mohammad is returning.

Arm me. Make me of service
Down with the House of Saud (Royal house of Saudi Arabia)

No normalisation with Jews

 Strike them with knives
Strike, Strike, do not be afraid

With knives, o fedayeen (those who martyr themselves in battle) , with knives

We have proclaimed for millions

We die. Palestine lives.
The answer is the Al Aqsa Brigades

The answer is the Qassam brigades

This is outrageous. How can this be tolerated? Malmo is  arguably the most anti-semitic city in Europe thanks to its  (25%) Muslim population that has driven many of the Jewish population out of the city and out of the country. This is not the first time this has happened in Malmo.

Why are we tolerating this hate?

*Here is the sub-titled video on Gates of Vienna

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