Saturday, December 16, 2017

Jews in Germany Dare Not Wear Distinctive Garb

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Things have come full circle in Germany since World War II, when German Jews were forced to wear yellow  Stars of David on their outer clothing. It was the same for Jews in German-occupied countries. It was one of the final steps  before the implementation of the "final solution", the round-up and transport to the death camps in Poland.

Now Jews in Bochum, Germany have been advised by their own community leaders not to wear Jewish garb, such as the kippah when venturing outside.

And it's not the SS or Gestapo they fear, not is it German skinheadss or neo-Nazis. It's Muslim immigrants.

And don't think this is limited to Germany. French Jews, Swedish Jews and Dutch Jews are getting out. The reason is the same. They are no longer safe from young, male, Muslim immigrants, migrants, asylum-seekers, fugitives or others who just happen to wash up on Europe's shores. They have brought with them their age-old hatred of Jews, which is deeply embedded in Islamic teaching.

In fact, the situation is the same for  just about any western European country.

While I continue to say that ethnic Europeans themselves are not doing the persecuting of Europe's Jews, I am not about to let them off the hook. They are tolerating this. Why? It is because they are already intimidated by the Muslim presence in their countries. The situation is out of hand already. If the Europeans are unwilling to round up immigrant lawbreakers and terror threats and give them the boot, do you think they are going to do it to protect their Jewish citizens (who are, for obvious reasons, few in numbers). They should, but they have proven themselves unwilling.

I guess in their thinking, it is better to tolerate anti-semitism than be accused of Islamophobia. Shameful thinking in my view.

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