Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Southern Poverty Law Center's Unfair Accusations Against the Counter Jihad Coalition

The Southern Poverty Law Center has unfairly lumped the Counter Jihad Coalition together with their list of hate groups in the US. The latest attack is reported in the web site Santa Monica Next.

The SPLC once again shows its slanted political agenda. While the Daily Stormer is indeed a racist, anti-Jewish hate group, the Counter Jihad Coalition is not. The CJC does not engage in racist or hateful rhetoric towards Muslims or engage in any illegal or violent behavior. What CJC does is peacefully educate the public about the troubling parts of Islamic ideology that lead to violence and intolerance. The public has every right to discuss Islam and whether its teachings contribute to the terror and religious intolerance around the world we see on a daily basis. The CJC has never argued that the rights of peaceful Muslims should be curtailed in any way. The CJC has never argued that all or even most Muslims are terrorists. What the CJC does is call out organizations like CAIR, MPAC and others which are Islamist in nature-meaning they want to see Islam become dominant in the land. These arguments are also made by Islamic reformers like Zuhdi Jasser and others.

Let me be clear. I work with these people. I am one of them. If you visit one of their stands where they pass out literature, the only unruly behavior you see is on the part of certain Muslims who threaten violence and demand that the CJC stand be removed.
The media should scrutinize the accusations of the SPLC carefully before repeating their claims. The SPLC has done good work in the past and many of the groups and individuals they list deserve to be called out. The CJC is not such a group. If groups like CJC cannot express their concerns about Islam, then we will all have to shut up and submit to a supremacist ideology.

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