Thursday, October 26, 2017

Anti-Semitism Still Active at UC Berkeley: The Case of Allen Dershowitz

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-Left:Daily Californian
-Right: Der Stuermer

Noted attorney Allen Dershowitz spoke recently at UC Berkeley. There was considerable opposition to his appearance since his topic was a defense of Israel. Of course, that can never stand with the pro-Palestinian crowd. As expected, the anti-Zionists once again proved that they are really anti-Jewish. After Dershowitz's speech, a poster was placed on a wall in the law school with a swastika covering Dershowitz's image.

In addition, the Daily Californian, the rag that masquerades as a student newspaper, ran an editorial cartoon that conjured up images of Nazi Germany's infamous newspaper, Der Stuermer, which was run by the equally infamous Jew hater, Julius Streicher.

To the credit of the Daily Californian, they did apologize, no doubt after being embarrassed after the fact.

I am gratified that Erwin Chemerinsky, the newly installed dean of the UCB Law School, wrote a letter protesting the anti-semitism surrounding Dershowitz's appearance. Too bad he was never aware of the problem while he occupied a similar position at UC Irvine. Maybe he is learning that denying the problem doesn't make it go away.

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