Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ravens and Jaguars Kneel on Foreign Soil

One of the points I have made about the Colin Kaepernick controversy is that when on foreign soil it is still expected that you stand when their country's national anthem is played even though you are not a citizen of that country. That is what I have done many times on such occasions. I asked whether Kaepnernick would fail to stand for God Save the Queen were he playing in England as the NFL now does.

Today, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars answered that question. They stood for God Save the Queen (as was proper) while many of them knelt for their own anthem. While British fans had the courtesy and respect to stand for both anthems, many of these players chose to kneel for their own anthem in front of a foreign crowd.

To me this is worse than kneeling in an American stadium. What these players did was embarrass their own country while on foreign soil. That was a double insult.

Quite a legacy this man Kaepernick is establishing. I suspect the NFL lost many more fans today.

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Squid said...

The anti-American acts of these pampered NFL players who will drive their Bentleys to their million dollar homes after the game, to
protest inequality is a bridge too far. Move to North Korea where Rocket Man will give you all the freedom you need.