Monday, September 25, 2017

Free Speech Week at Berkeley Cancelled: AG Will Weigh in

The organizers of a scheduled Free Speech week at UC Berkeley (September 24-27) canceled the events even though Milo Yiannopoulos and others say they plan to show up on campus and speak anyway.

I may not be privy to all the details involved, but it can be safely said that if Berkeley were open to all forms of political speech, these problems would not exist and the event could go on. It was obvious that it would have drawn massive disruption and violence from the left.

It is good that the Justice Department will look into this-not to crack down on leftist speech, but to ensure that conservative speech can also be heard. I believe that this Antifa activity is something that crosses state lines and that there are active conspiracies (Yes, conspiracies) to shut down speech which the far left objects to. These are not spontaneous disruptions. They are planned and organized. People are traveling from state to state and somebody is paying for it. That justifies bringing in the Justice Department.

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