Sunday, August 6, 2017

Suspected Attack Against Minneapolis Mosque

The Dar al Farooq Islamic Center of Minneapolis, which serves the city's large Somali community, has been the target of a suspected bomb attack this weekend.

As I have said before, I would never condone this type of action. While many of these reported attacks have turned out to be hoaxes designed to garner sympathy and further the narrative about "Islamophobia, it would be premature for me to accuse the mosque of orchestrating this incident. Let the police and FBI do their job. If it truly was an attack, I hope the perps are arrested.

This mosque, it might be pointed out, has its own history as the Investigative Project on Terrorism points out.

Here is more from the Counter Jihad Report.

It is noted that the above reports largely concern a former imam, Waleed Idris al Meneesy. Hopefully, the new imam, Mohamed Omar, is an improvement.

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