Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Marty Migdall (Miggie)

This week, I lost one of my close friends, Marty Migdall, who passed away from complications from pneumonia. He was 81. Regular readers of this blog will remember him as Miggie, a regular reader who contributed often to our reader comment thread.

Marty was more than a friend. He was one of my fellow warriors in the struggle against anti-semitism. We met about ten years ago when I got involved in the issue of campus anti-semitism at UC Irvine, an issue that he, as a Jew who lived near the campus, was also involved in.

Marty supported the Jewish state of Israel, but first and foremost he was a patriotic American who also spoke out in support of this country. He and I both shared conservative values.

Marty was born in St Louis and served his country in the US Army. Most of his working life, he was a CPA.

Marty took the time to come to many of the events on campus that impacted the Jewish community, When he spoke out, it wasn't by screaming, chanting, or insulting. He used reason to make his arguments to the other side. I recall attending a meeting a few years ago at the home of other friends involved in the campus anti-semitic issues. On that occasion, we spoke to a number of Jewish students who were trying to figure out how to work through the Israel-Palestinian issues on campus. Some expressed the opinion that the community should let the students work it out among themselves. I remember Marty saying to them that if he saw anti-semitism at the corner laundry down the street, he was going to get involved. Similarly, if he saw anti-semitism at the local university, he was going to get involved. I continue to treasure the help and friendship of those from the Orange County community-people like Marty who care enough to get involved and speak out in defense of Jews, in defense of Israel, and in defense of our country.

I was able to visit Marty a few times in the hospital in the days before he passed when we knew the end was at hand. Marty leaves behind his wife, Kim, his son, Greg, and his daughter, Melinda. My thoughts are with them.


Squid said...

Thanks Gary for an outstanding tribute to Marty. The problems that face America would be lessen if we had more Marty Migdall's to help Make America Great Again. He stood for what was right and fought hard against anti-Semitism in our community. I wish him peace and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

I will miss this outstanding family man and a true American.


Anonymous said...

Gary, you are a good man and a good American. Thank you for this tribute to my father, you honor his memory with your kind (and accurate) words. Before you came to visit us in the hospital, dad told me that in the Jewish community you are regarded as "righteous among the people". Explaining he said that, although not Jewish yourself, you were a strong defender of Israel and all matters relating to American and Israeli relations. As you well know, the Lord G-d has promised to bless those who bless Israel & curse those who curse it. You are a well deserving recipient of that blessing. Thank you,

Gary Fouse said...

Thanks, Squid. The next time we meet for beer, we will have to lift one for Marty.

Gary Fouse said...

Thank you for those kind words. It was an honor to know your father. Strangely enough, this journey has brought me my share of Jewish enemies (Go figure). Knowing your dad was my friend reminded me that I was on the right side.

Debra Glazer said...

Marty was one of the "first responders" when the problem of anti-Semitism reared its ugly head at UC Irvine more than a decade ago. There were then (and still are) precious few common citizens who care enough to come out, who personally bear witness, who study and seek to educate themselves about the wider issues involved, and who then try to do something about it. Marty did all of these. He devoted countless hours and days to writing about the issues, going to meetings, building alliances among people, exploring various angles, passionately challenging and pushing organizations and other individuals to address the situation. For years, he undoubtedly spent every waking minute at his computer, trying to alert the community to the serious issues of anti-Semitism that we face locally. And even though he had worked as a CPA, he sure did know how to write and express himself!

Marty will be sorely missed. As we say in the Jewish tradition, may his memory be for a blessing. Rest in peace, Marty.