Sunday, August 6, 2017

Is Italy Under Siege?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

-Il Giornale

It sure seems that way. Every week, thousands of new migrants from the Middle East and Africa are brought to Italian ports by NGO ships, which pick them up off the coast of Libya. They are allowed into the country and sent here and there. Crime is rampant. And as you will see, even military personnel are being attacked on the streets.

The below-linked video is from a group of citizens in Naples who videotaped some 30 migrants in Naples as they attacked a group of five soldiers trying to detain and check out a foreigner. The residents of this neighborhood feel scared and abandoned. Even soldiers are being attacked on the streets.

The Il Giornale article in which the video is contained is translated by Yours Truly per request of Vlad Tepes blog.

Naples: 30 Immigrants surround 5 soldiers to impede a stop

A short distance from the Naples Central Train Station, 30 attack the soldiers who were checking a man.

"Abandoned and betrayed". That is how the inhabitants of the Vasto di Naploi quarter feel, who have published on  Facebook a video to complain about the nth episode of violence on the part of foreigners, this time even at the expense of soldiers.

In the film (see) in the center of Via Firenze close to the station, a patrol of 5 soldiers, armed and tasked with Operation Safe Streets- are searching a man, on the ground to check him out. Some foreigners come running from the right, then (back off). Others arrive from the left. The soldiers, already surrounded- try to keep calm, but suddenly chaos is triggered. Shouting, shoving, someone tries to free the detained (man). (Then) a young man in a green t-shirt intervenes, who says something and causes the 30 immigrants in revolt to disperse.

"Episodes like this occur every day in our quarter, and everybody pretends not to see", complains the Committee of Vasco Quarter. "We feel alone and abandoned....We fear for ourselves and for our families! Enough now! Aggression even against the State."

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