Sunday, August 6, 2017

Incident at a Southern California Mall

Hat tip Jihad Watch

My friend and colleague from the Counter Jihad Coalition, Steve Amundson, has an article in today's Jihad Watch concerning an encounter he had Saturday with two Muslims who took exception to CJC's Islam Awareness table at the Cerritos Mall in Southern California. Here is Steve's account.

I was not present, but it seems that the mall, their security, and law enforcement removed the wrong people. Steve and his partners were there legally with the permission of the mall. They were not acting in a threatening or disorderly manner. It was the Muslims who were disorderly and threatening. It was the Muslims who should have been removed while the CJC was allowed to continue tits lawful activity with appropriate security present.

Pure dhimmitud. This smacks of Europe, where the authorities are shaking in their boots at the feet of Muslims. Muslims need to learn that in America, we have free speech.

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