Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hey, Mr President: How About Firing HR McMaster?

Hat tip Breitbart and Caroline Glick

While all this talk is going on about whether President Trump will fire Jeff Sessions (which I hope he doesn't), it seems to me that there are others in his administration who should be canned.

When this cabinet was first formed, most conservatives were pleased and felt that the President was surrounding himself with competent people who would execute his agenda. HR McMaster received a lot of praise when he was appointed to be the new national security adviser after the Michael Flynn fiasco.

But now we learn that as national security adviser, he sent a letter to his predecessor, Susan Rice, who is under investigation for possibly "unmasking" American citizens caught up in national security wiretaps -for political purposes. The letter not only extends her security clearance, but also states that she acted properly in handling classified materials while serving as President Obama's national security adviser (See paragraph 2).

Too bad McMaster doesn't have the power of pardon. This letter is the next best thing. He basically states that Rice is innocent of any allegations that she improperly obtained and handled any classified material. How does he know that?

And that isn't all. McMaster has just fired three pro-Israel staffers, people who also were opposed to the Iran nuke deal. Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post has just put this up on her Facebook page.

Here is a defense of McMaster-especially in reference to the firings- by Ian Tuttle of the National Review.

As Glick suggests, another firing of a national security adviser (after Michael Flynn) would seem ridiculous and fire up more stories about "an unstable president". But if McMaster is subverting the policies of the President, he must go.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Correction: conservatives felt President Trump was surrounding himself with people who shared their values, not the values Trump enunciated on the campaign trail, which had led many conservatives to doubt Trump's qualifications or ability to win.

Now, it turns out, Donald J. Trump is just as capricious and incompetent as feared, and he tosses these "conservative" cabinet members and advisors around like expendable toys.

Gary Fouse said...

Time will tell.

Anybody seen that wall recently?

Squid said...

I've read much on McMaster, including your offerings. He must go! He will be very damaging to the Trump Administration.
AS fro Siarlys, check the Dow Jones, dwindling unemployment, massive jobs increase, companies building billion $ factories, 70% drop in illegal immigration and managing to piss-of the snowflakes.