Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Denmark's Imported Rape Problem

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Along with its sister Scandinavian neighbors, Sweden and Norway, Denmark is suffering from a rape epidemic. And it's not that Danish men have suddenly become rapists. It's their immigrant population-especially among Muslim immigrants. Since Denmark's liberal (Venstre) Party came into power in 2015, rapes have climbed 196%. This coincides with the government's admission of Islamic refugees. Danish statistics report that the there is a clear overrepresentation of rape convictions involving  are committed by immigrants from non-Western countries.

Der er en klar overrepræsentation af indvandrere fra ikke-vestlige lande, når man ser på statistikken over dømte voldtægtsforbrydere. 

“There is a clear overrepresentation of immigrants from non-western countries when looking at the statistics of convicted rapists.”

So one may ask: "What is the solution?" Let me ponder this awhile.....

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I got it!

How about closing your borders?

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