Thursday, August 10, 2017

CNN "News" Trump Aides "Rattled" by Manafort Raid

According to CNN "Sources"

Today, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was headlining a "breaking" story in which, according to unnamed sources, reported that Trump aides were rattled by the FBI raid on the home of one-time campaign director Paul Manafort.

Take a moment, Dear Reader, and let that sink in.

Is this news? How much weight would you give a report like this? If say, unnamed sources told CNN that Trump were having an affair, or that he had asked Mike Pence to resign as VP, that might be worthwhile if CNN considered its sources as being solid. But this?

In fact, a lot of people are rattled by the raid on Manafort's home, which occurred one day (July 26) after he had briefed members of Congress on whatever they wanted to know about allegations against him vis-a-vis the Russians and any possible collusion with them by Trump campaign members. But no matter. I don't know any more than  you do about what Manafort may or may not have done.

CNN, however, is reaching for straws to fill its daily menu of anti-Trump "news'. To follow up with that tasty morsel, Baldwin then brought in some guy who produced a film called, "Get Me Roger Stone" about a Washington-insider who reportedly arranged for Manafort to take over as Trump's campaign director in place of Corey Lewandowski. Manafort denied that Stone had anything to do with it.

Like who cares?

At that point, CNN mercifully  switched to a State Department briefing, in turn interrupted by Trump's live press conference on the White  House lawn.

This is the network that calls itself, "The most trusted name in news", which is a joke. Even if that report is true, it's just another form of fake news. It's about as useful as saying Trump passed gas in the company of Angela Merkel. So what if it's true or not true?

How desperate is our media to take down the President? Now that's news.

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