Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trump's Welcome in Poland and How Our Media Is Reporting It.

It was heartwarming to see how President Trump was received in Warsaw. He spoke before a Polish audience and was greeted with chants of "USA,USA". He has affirmed our support of Polish independence and offered to sell natural gas to Poland, which currently depends on Russia for that commodity. He criticized Russian interference in the affairs of her neighbors. He defended Western civilization in the face of the Islamic threat. He gave a great speech in defense of Western Civilization.

But with the exception of Fox News, our own media has bent over backwards to pick apart the visit to Poland. Notwithstanding the warm greeting Trump received from the Poles, the Washington Post dug up three Poles who had criticism for Trump.

Then there was CNN's obnoxious and aggressive White House reporter, Jim Acosta. He used the occasion of Trump's joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda to complain that it was a fake news conference, an insult surely not lost on the Poles.

And of course, the misfits at MSNBC, led by Joe Loudboro and Mika Brzxqnxzsky are crying that he criticized the dishonest US media while overseas. Too bad. If the shoe fits, wear it.

It must have been torture for our media to watch the Polish welcome. They would much prefer what is happening in Hamburg during the G-20 meeting. Thousands of George Soros-funded ANTIFA types are rioting and breaking things, not just because Trump is in town, but because they hate capitalism and prefer anarchy. And guess who has joined them: None other than New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Hopefully,  he isn't breaking windows and throwing rocks at the Hamburg police.

I can only hope that Trump maintains solidarity with the Eastern Europeans and doesn't buckle under to the feckless Western European leaders. When he speaks publicly, he should speak over the heads of the Merkels, Macrons, and Mays and appeal directly to the people. Tell them what America will stand for under his presidency. Say the same things he said in Warsaw.

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