Friday, July 28, 2017

The Staged "Apology" in Davis

Hat tip The Qurosi Chronicles

Today, faced with incontrovertible evidence of what he had said days earlier at a sermon at the Islamic Center of Davis (California), Imam Ammar Shahin apologized to the Jewish community. He was flanked by local religious leaders.

To one Muslim observer, reformist Shireen Qudosi, the apology rang hollow. Shahin did not let his emotions (Jew hatred) get the best of him. He was quoting a well-known hadith from Islamic texts which quoted the Prophet Mohammed as saying that on the Day of Judgment, the Jews would hide behind trees, which would call out to the Muslim to come and kill the Jew hiding behind (the tree).

Just as bad, if not worse, the mosque attempted to cover for Shahin,  falsely interpreting  the words as describing the "victory of the followers of Jesus over evil". They also claimed that the imam used the word, "destroy" and not, "annihilate". And always note that the word "innocent" is always present because "Islam never condones the killing of innocent people". Unfortunately, Jews (and Christians) are not considered innocent under Islam especially Israelis, whom the imam beseeched Allah to annihilate.

The denials and explanations are  laughable.

And where was the outrage from the local Muslim community? Did anyone get up and walk out of that mosque when those words were spoken? Are local Muslims protesting in front of the mosque and demanding the removal of this imam?

As Qudosi says, the entire leadership of the Davis mosque needs to go. I will take that a step further. If any of them are not US citizens, they should be gone from the country.

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ChrisLA said...

The Saturday issue of the LA Times covered the Davis Imam's apology as well as the March 1 anti-Muslim incident in Irvine. The differences in these two cases is telling: Imam Shahin gets a pass after he apologized for calling for the annihilation of all Jews (i.e., genocide). Meanwhile, the man who yelled a religious slur at two Muslim women and later threw some coins at their car is charged with two felony counts of "assault as a hate crime with ability to cause injury." The perpetrator could face up to three years in a state prison.

The handling of these two cases makes a farce of "equal justice under the law."