Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Just Who Is Delusional, Mrs Merkel?

Angela Merkel and her "G-20"

With President Trump scheduled to arrive in Hamburg for the G-20 Summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is implying that our president is delusional. While not mentioning Trump by name, she took an oblique slap at him by stating that anyone who believes in isolationism and protectionism is delusional.

This is the same woman who has opened the floodgates to her country to millions of migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers and yes, criminals and terrorists. As the body counts rise in Germany (and the rest of Western Europe), as the rapes explode and German police are overworked, she still insists, "Wir schaffen dass". (We can do this.)

Meanwhile, Trump is kicking off his European visit with a stop in Poland (which is not so delusional). They are saying "No" to more migrants.

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