Thursday, July 20, 2017

Italian Street Vendors vs. African Street Vendors in Catania, Italy

The below video shows a street brawl between Italian street vendors and African street vendors in Catania, Italy. It does not give details on who started it, but speculates that the Italians are angry about unlicensed vendors intruding upon their territory. If nothing else, it shows that the constant flow of refugees, mostly from Africa, into Italy is tearing the social fabric of the country apart.

The translation is mine.

Italian vs African Street Sellers  Clashes at a Market in Catania

Catania 19 Jul - Scenes of urban warfare in Catania . Hard clashes at the Fira o Luni market between Italian and African street sellersThe two groups, composed of a few dozen people each, confronted each other with blows of sticks, blunt objects and throwing of bottles. A trader, probably Italian,  also tried to run over African antagonists with a van , overwhelming some (display) benches.
The video was released online by the page Chronicle Vera and is becoming viral in a short time. We Do not know the reasons that gave rise to clashes , they may have resulted from  issues related to workstations and licenses, since very often the traders, especially foreigners, are not (licensed).
Davide Romano

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