Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Germany: Moroccan Asylum-Seeker on Trial for Raping Pregnant Woman

Angela Merkel: "Wir schaffen dass."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made herself the object of ridicule with her constant phrase, "Wir schaffen dass" (We can do this) when asked about the catastrophe that has struck Germany with one million migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers roaming around the land and committing all sorts of crimes including rape and murder. It's kind of a spin-off on Barack Obama's, Yes we can".

Apparently, many of the newcomers also believe in the phase and that it means they can do whatever they like to the infidel Germans. Rape? "Wir schaffen dass".

That takes us to the latest of "Angela's kids", a 27-year-old Moroccan man accused by a Hanover court of raping a woman who was 7 months pregnant with twins.

Gates of Vienna has the report.

A word of note: The term "culture enricher" is a mocking term used by Gates of Vienna and others because many of the Western European countries have allowed virtually anybody to come partially for reasons of increasing cultural diversity. They call it "multi-kulti". Of course, we know now that they went about it all wrong. Don't tell that to Angela Merkel or the leaders of Sweden and Norway. They are still "celebrating" their newly found cultural diversity or cultural enrichment, if you will, but they have very similar problems as Germany.

Gates of Vienna is guessing that the defendant will get a sentence of about 6 months if convicted. I am guessing GoV is right.

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