Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Evergreen Board of Trustees Are Meeting

Hat tip Campus Reform

Today, the Evergreen State College Board of Trustees are meeting to discuss, among other things, the recent takeover of the campus by students. Campus Reform has a posting with a half-hour video of the public comment portion. After this portion, the board went  into executive session to discuss the incidents. Included in the public comments was an appearance and statement by Professor Bret Weinstein, who went public with the abuse he endured at the hands of leftist students. This was followed by a takeover of the administration at which college president George Bridges and members of his staff were held virtual prisoners by the students. Eventually, the college had to be closed down as student mobs reigned supreme and campus cops were ordered by Bridges to stand down.

We shall see if the board of regents are as weak as Bridges. What action if any will they take? I suggest that Bridges be fired and that students involved (easily identifiable by videotapes) be expelled and referred to the DA for prosecution.

I have never set foot on this campus, but I have known that for years this is one of the most leftist colleges in America. How can "students and faculty of color" complain about discrimination and racism when they have if anything, been put on a pedestal by the college and given everything they ask for?

This is the result of liberalism gone amok. The chickens have come home to roost at Evergreen. Unless  they take strong action, which is unlikely, I can only hope Evergreen suffers the same fate as the University of Missouri, which has been left with a shortage of what it needs most-students.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I wish I could concur that this nonsense is liberalism, but it doesn't even qualify as liberalism. Nor is the spinelessness of the campus administration "liberalism." Its not socialism either, since it has nothing to do with the working class, or putting food on the table. This was an utterly declasse event. In a limited sense, it may be true that this stuff is to Evergreen what football and fraternities have been to some other campuses -- where, again, spineless administrations have allowed all kinds of harm to occur. Joe Paterno anyone?