Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CNN Should Change Its Name to the Trump News Network

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

"This Is CNN."

CNN should change its name to the Trump News Network (TNN) since President Trump is the only thing they talk about these days. The "Most Trusted Name in News" is now on a level plane with MSNBC when it comes to bashing Trump. The latest flap is the now famous video Trump put out imposing the CNN logo on the head of Vince McMahon, whom Trump did a wrestling skit with in his pre-White House days. CNN (unlike most of the country) is not laughing about the video. They feel like Trump is now encouraging violence against reporters.


This, of course, is the same network that had comedienne Kathy Griffin co-hosting the CNN New Years Eve festivities with all her raunchiness including a simulation of her giving oral sex to Anderson Cooper on air. That was all fine and dandy. Then (to their credit) CNN canned her after her photo holding a "severed" Trump head a'la ISIS. It was free speech to be sure, but CNN was correct to get rid of her.

I would be the first to concede that Trump's own CNN video was hardly presidential. While I wish he would act more presidential and just get on with his agenda, I am reconciled to the fact that we will not have a "presidential" president in Trump. This is what it is. I am more concerned with his policies. Of course, the snowflakes at CNN are trying to pump this up into something that might lead to Trump's impeachment or removal from office under some other pretext, such as the President's "unbalanced behavior". That's not going to happen any more than that "Russian collusion" charge is going to result in anything. CNN will have to find some other straw to grasp at. Perhaps the White House not televising press briefings? Not hardly.

So what is CNN to do? Clearly, Wolf Blitzer and company have a situation on their hands, to use Wolfie's own phrase. They just have no answer for Trump and his unpredictable behavior. I suggest they start covering him with a more balanced approach. Give him credit when he dies something good. Start talking a little bit about all the other things being investigated that pertain to the Clinton campaign and its collusion with the DNC. I know. I won't be holding my breath.

But if CNN wants to look for unbalanced behavior, it need look no further than former New Years Eve co-host Griffin's performance after her firing. Or how about White House correspondent Jim Acosta's shouting hysterically about the lack of TV cameras in the press briefing? How about Van Jones and his "white backlash" comment on election eve? How about Jones' comment to a Project Veritas undercover reporter that the Russian collusion deal was a "nothing burger"? How about that producer telling a PV undercover reporter that the American voters are, "stupid as sh--"?

The most trusted name in news?

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