Thursday, June 8, 2017

"White Marble Statues Perpetuate White Supremacy"

Hat tip Campus Reform

It's getting crazy even in Iowa, where at the University of Iowa, Professor Sarah Bond states that white marble statues perpetuate white supremacy. You can't make this up.

(White ducks too?)

So what shall we do, Sarah? Shall we stop making statues? Shall we start using jade instead of marble? Just spray paint all the statues?


Maybe our co-respondent, Squid, has an answer. He's a University of Iowa alumnus.


Squid said...

This hate White ppl is getting crazy. I would not think that conservative Iowa would go in this direction. It is funny, that when I went to the U of I, that I do not recall any white statues. In fact, I do not recall any statues of other colors as well.


Miggie said...

Gotch unveiling makes an ‘unforgettable’ event

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 | Speaking, Wrestling
Here is a statue in Iowa

The statue of Gotch
According to Mac Davis, author of the 1954 book 100 Greatest Sports Heroes, when Frank Gotch died in 1917, “thousands of weeping mourners, gathered from many parts of the land, trudged the icy path to the little rural cemetery on a cold December day to bid a final farewell to the farm boy who had been the greatest wrestling champion in history.”
Some 95 years later, on July 4, some 400 fans endured brutally hot temperatures to see a magnificent statue of Gotch unveiled in his hometown of Humboldt, Iowa. The eight-foot tall bronze statue shows Gotch in black tights and top, with hands on hips, gazing out over the land. It stands on a three-foot pedestal in Bicknell Park, the very spot where Gotch trained for his epic match with George Hackenschmidt, The Russian Lion, in 1911.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

White marble architecture became popular as an intended imitation of ancient Greek art and architecture. But, as archaeologists later discovered, the Greeks did not build cities that looked like 19th century mausoleums or tombs. They painted them in brilliant colors. Only, after the cities were deserted, the paint wore away.

So, the obvious solution: paint the darn statues in living color.

Note to the obsessive professor: No human skin resembles white marble except a corpse. In fact, no human skin is white at all -- except in certain zombie movies.

Gary Fouse said...

You are always a fountain of information.

Miggie said...

You know how hard it is to weave my information into a conversation?