Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Project Veritas Nails CNN on Its Russia-Trump Reporting

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas appears to have scored another undercover victory. This time they have released the first of what is promised to be a series of videos from inside CNN. It in this first video, an undercover operative has gotten next to CNN producer John Bonifield who acknowledges on camera (He didn't know he was being recorded.) that CNN has no evidence on Trump collusion with Russia, but that it has been good for ratings.

Of course, I would like to know just who Bonifield thought he was talking to and how this man was able to get next to Bonifield.

Of course, the liberal media is quick to jump to CNN's defense. In the below article by Media Matters for America (far left), we have a lengthy article dedicated to refuting O'Keefe and his report (sort of).

Tucked into all that is the writer's defense against the video in question.

"Viewers will probably believe what they hear, though: a CNN staffer with no involvement in CNN’s political coverage (this isn’t mentioned in the video) speculating casually about CNN’s reporting on Trump’s possible involvement with Russia. The video also showed the same CNN producer claiming CNN makes reporting decisions based on ratings, a shameful tactic that’s really no secret at all -- and one that doesn't account for warranted, extensive reporting on an undeniably important story."

Here is CNN's "defense":

This follows another revelation this week that CNN has  retracted its story about alleged connections between "The Russians" and Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci. Three CNN reporters have resigned over this fiasco.

As we await the second video, CNN and their defenders will have to do better than attack O'Keefe. Attack the video. Show that there has been malicious editing that alters the meaning. Show that it's a fraud.

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