Friday, June 16, 2017

More Strife at Evergreen

Hat tip Legal Insurrection

Evergreen was never great.

Evergreen State College in Washington had to be closed again Thursday as free speech demonstrators went to campus and were met by the ANTIFA types and anti-free speech hooligans. Legal Insurrection has photos and videos.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

These people fancy themselves "leftists" and so apparently do some of their opponents.

Stalin would have made short work of these infantile disorders, which is what Lenin called them.

Not that I favor summary execution of Antifas or sending Evergreen State students to the Gulag or anything like that. Just trying to keep the labels straight.

It is a state university, so a massive effort by the people of the state of Washington to take back the campus (peacefully) would not be a bad idea. That's how the Chinese communist party shut down the last of the Red Guards when they had outlived their usefulness. Just remember, the Red Guards were called into being by the titular leader of the party in power in China. They were given free rail tickets, free food and lodging wherever they travelled...

Now these little twerps would have no base at all if their campus were shut down. They don't have a mass base of support, nowhere to go, nobody to support them (except possibly mommy and daddy). It might be worth shutting the campus down for about three years. And have some police presence ready to roll at any other state university any of them might transfer to.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

BAN SHREDDED CHEESE! Make America grate again.