Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Killer of Five-Year-Old Should Have Been Deported From Germany

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Egri Nok for translation

Days ago, we reported on an Afghan refugee who stabbed a 5-year-old child to death in Bavaria, also wounding his 6-year-old sister and their mother. Now we learn that this man was supposed to be deported a few years earlier for having committed arson, but....

Here is the translation.

Bloody deed in refugee accommodation: Stabber should have been deported in 2012
After the bloody deed in Arnschwang in Upper Palatinate, in which a child (5) died and its mother was severely injured, more details about the perpetrator surface: the man was to be deported for a felony years ago.
Arnschwang – the man who stabbed a five-year-old child to death in a refugee accomodation in Arnschwang in Upper Palatinate was a convicted felon and wore an ankle monitor, as the Prosecution Regensburg and the Police Headquarters Upper Palatinate announced in a joint press conference yesterday. According to our information obtained by our newspaper, Mostafa K. Was to be deported for a particularly grave arson in 2012.
The exact background of the bloody deed remains unclear. 
In the evening, the man had captured the five year old boy and lethally injured him with knife stabbings. During the ensuinig police action, an officer fired a total of 8 shots at the 41-year-old, who was hit fatally.
The Prosecution regards the shots, emergency aid. The state office of criminal investigation is investigating into the firearm action. They are always consulted when officers on duty use a firearm.
Mother of the child severely injured
The 47-year-old mother of the child suffered severe, but not life threatening, injuries int he fight with the man. She is still in hospital treatment and currently not fit to be questioned.
The six year old brother of the killed child had to watch the scene and suffered a severe shock. More people – amont them one of the police officers – suffered a shock, too.
The woman and her two children are asylum seekers from Russia. It is yet unclear which relation the woman had to the 41-year-old, and why there was a confrontation.
The 41-year-old Afghan Mostafa K. was registered as a “tolerated asylum seeker“ (translator: asylum seekers who are allowed to stay for humanitarian reasons, even though their asylum application has been rejected).
He had been sentenced in 2009 by the District Court Munich I for particularly grave arson to a prison term of five years, which he completely served until January 2015. After that, he resided in the asylum seeker accomodation in Arnschwang. At the arson, he had set his apartment in a Munich apartment complex with 64 tenants on fire, planning to put the blame on his cousin with whom he had a fight before.
Mostafa K was under supervision of conduct
Because of his conviction, Mostafa K. was under so-called supervision of conduct. The court ordered him – also to protect his family – to stay on the premises of the asylum seeker accomodation. To control this, he had to wear an electronic ankle monitor. His former wife, with whom Mostafa K. has got an 8 year old daughter, said that while in jail he had threatened to kill her if she should get a divorce.
As the Bayerischer Rundfunk reports, referring to Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU), in 2014, after examining his asylum application, against the rejection of which he was taking legal action, the administrative court together with the Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees issued a deportation ban.
As he had converted to Christianity, the man’s life would have been in danger in his home country. Herrmann is skeptical about this decision. He said to BR: „In cases where countries indeed do impose death sanction this is understadable. But in this concrete case it does not seem plausible to me.“

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