Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It Is Time For Jewish Students to Fight Back

Hat tip Algemeiner and Deb

Mitch Bard has a very timely article in Algemeiner on the issue of anti-semitism on college campuses. In essence, Jewish students who are subjected to bullying by the brown shirts of the pro-Palestinian forces on campus (my description) are too passive.

I have to word this carefully because I have never advocated violence as a response. In  addition, I was never a fan of the Jewish Defense League. I must confess, however, that when I was a student (at least in high school) insults were met by a punch in the nose. I still think that can solve a lot of the problems.

I do think that Jewish students who have been subjected to anti-semitism need to express their objections in stronger ways. I think the idea of a campus demonstration against anti-semitism- naming the perps- should be adopted. I( think contacts with the administration of the involved university should include making it clear that id the university does not take steps to protect Jewish students and clamp down on anti-semitism, the aggrieved students will demonstrate, go to the press and make official complaints including lawsuits.

I still hold to the belief that the overwhelming majority of students on college campuses are not anti-semites, but they need to be educated about how this Israeli-Palestinian conflict being played out on US college campuses is contributing to the problem of Jew hatred. It behooves us to educate these students about anti-semitism. Colleges are loathe to o this because eventually the perps need to be identified, and overwhelmingly, this is coming from Islamic quarters.

The bottom line is this, however: Jewish students must stand up for themselves. They should demand the Jewish community-and the community as a whole- support them. Sadly, many Jewish students don''t want the community to get involved. This is a mistake. The community has every right to be involved because it affects all of us.-including non-Jews.

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