Friday, June 2, 2017

Hillary's Latest Excuse: The DNC Let Her Down

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This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

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Hillary Clinton as Norma Desmond
"I am ready for the inauguration."

It would be an understatement to say that Hillary Clinton has become a caricature of herself. After all, that happened years ago. Nevertheless, her trail of excuses as to why she lost the election is growing by the week. Now it's the DNC that let her down. Seems the DNC was out-organized by the RNC, a hard proposition to swallow. Here is Hillary speaking this week at something called the Recode conference in Southern California.

What's next, Hillary-climate change?

Of course, this critique and analysis will hardly get me on Fox News, but once again, Hillary is ignoring the myriad of scandals that have enveloped her ever since she was first lady, which are too long to list here. It is important to mention, however, Benghazi, her negligence before the attack, her inaction during the attack, and her cover-up and obfuscations after the attack. It is also important to mention the email mess, which like Benghazi, showed the public that she was not fit to be president. In short, the woman is certified incompetent and corrupt.

Also, let's not forget Hillary's chalk-on-the-blackboard personality. The woman may be popular among feminists, but she turned even liberals off. When it was learned just how she and the DNC
cheated Bernie Sanders of any chance to win the nomination, many Democrats found that too much to swallow. Yes, the DNC that she now blames was working in tandem with her campaign to defeat Sanders.

I also find it hard to accept her thesis that the Republicans out-organized the DNC. The Democrats are known for their "ground game", which includes illegal alien voters, payoffs, and getting people to the polls by any means necessary, registered or not. The Republicans are not exactly known to be a well-oiled machine.

Hillary Clinton should be embarrassed to have lost to a candidate with as many flaws as Donald Trump. Not even the tape of him talking to Billy Bush about women could derail him because the country was so fed up with the direction of the country and Hillary's corruption. (It detailed Billy Bush, but I digress.)

Nothing, however embarrasses Hillary Clinton. She just keeps on going and talking like the one who has had too much to drink and orders another. I would like to see some of the people who were present with her on election night come out publicly on her reported meltdown when she realized she had lost. Personally, I think the woman could use some psychiatric help. If she doesn't come to terms with the fact that it is really over for her, the final scene may be something out of "Sunset Boulevard", with Gloria Swanson walking down the stairs to greet her adoring audience-accompanied by the police.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

No, the DNC let us down... by lining up behind Hillary. The Dems lost because Hillary was their candidate. Bernie Sanders was milqetoast, but there were enough voters who supported him in the primaries to swing Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.