Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Evergreen State: Time to Send in the Real Cops

Hat tip Legal Insurrection

The guy on the left is the ring leader

Boy what a situation up there in Olympia, Washington. At Evergreen State University, the students mob that has terrorized teachers and staff for days is now patrolling the campus with baseball bats.

And the campus police are where? Standing down like potted plants per orders of the spineless university president, George Bridges. It is time to send in the real cops and clear this campus.

Meanwhile, check out this absurd statement by the Evergreen trustees.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

You're late to this one, so I won't try to reconstruct all I've said at the American Conservative. These juveniles are what Lenin meant by "infantile disorders." They think they can be revolutionaries in the comfort of a state-funded cocoon, where they have three hots and a cot. Nothing real about it. They belong to one of the most privileged and pampered classes in the history of the world. Most of them would be deathly afraid to step into a real inner city area and try to make sense to anyone.