Thursday, June 8, 2017

Erwin Chemerinsky on the Climate Accord

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Soon to be ex-UC Irvine law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky (He is accepting a similar position at UC Berkeley.) writes in today's Orange County Register that he is "ashamed of his country" because President Trump has pulled the US out of the Climate Change Accord.

I could suggest that Chemo find another country to live in if he is so ashamed of his own, but then again-he already is. he's going to Berkeley. Presumably, he will be sending his law students who are part of the National Lawyers Guild out to be legal observers of the periodic riots they have in Berkeley to protect the rights of the rioters.

Good riddance.


Squid said...

Chemo's rhetoric is flawed, once again. He has a poor argument based upon political activism and not real science.
First, the "WHO" has declared the US as the best country to reduce pollution, in the world.
Two, The Paris Accord is a non-binding agreement. the U.S. paid 1 billion dollars to the Paris Accord. China and India paid no money and they are the worst polluters in the world.
Three, China and India do not have to do any carbon reduction for 15 years and when 15 years goes by, they do not have to start reducing carbon.
Four, the managers of the Accord and the UN will have sovereignty over how the US reduces carbon and will demand money paid to developing countries, so their dictators can take that money and put it in their banks.
Five, the 3 Trillion dollar gift to the Accord would only reduce the temperature by .10C by 2100.
Six, President Trump recognized this very bad deal/agreement and stopped it.
Chemo did not mention these inconvenient facts.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

When Trump becomes the first ex-president to be sent into enforced exile, I see a great reality show in the making. For starters, we can send Chemerinsky with him to St. Helena. I could compile a short list of others.