Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Look at the Migrants Arriving in Italy

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

1004 Arrive at Salerno May 26: A Breakdown

Here is a look at who is being brought to Italy from the coast of Libya by NGO ships. Giusy and I translated and sub-titled this video by Telecolore (Salerno). As you can easily see by the video, the vast majority are young, single men. Most are from Nigeria and other countries not at war.


squid said...

Most of the Islamic migrants are young, single men to all the receiving countries. This is not a refugee assist, it is an invasion. The most disturbing part of the mass migration is the absence of children and females. They are second class citizens.


Miggie said...

It looks like that NGO is pretty well-prepared for the project. It's a pretty big effort to organize a trip like that. You have to acquire a ship that size with some source of considerable funding. You have to have a crew and pay them and maintain the ship. Somebody has to organize the passengers and select who gets to go on the trip. There are a lot of papers and permits to do something like this, so it seems to me that somebody has a stake in getting these particular people there.

Gary Fouse said...

One of the financiers is George Soros. A couple of months ago he was in Italy meeting with the prime minister.