Friday, May 19, 2017

Yale Dean Suspended for "Trashing" White People

A Yale University dean has been suspended after it was revealed she had used a series of demeaning terms in referring to white people.

Well, we have now come full circle haven't we? This is what the culture of academia has come to. Universities have embraced the concept that white people are the enemy of non-white minorities. Heretofore, it was students and nutty faculty. Now it is a dean. What's next, a university president?

I want to add something else to this. I am doubly disappointed that this comes from an Asian-American. I don't expect this from an Asian-American. For the most part (I am generalizing), they have not been involved in this crap on our campuses-and certainly not outside of academia. Now it appears some, like Chu, are buying into it. It is really unfortunate.

I hope this will be a wake up call to Yale and all universities that we are not going to improve race relations in this country by demonizing white people. Our young generations should not have to pay for the sins of their fathers or grandfathers. It is wrong to single them out and call them, "privileged" just because you can't find any racism or discrimination coming from them.


Squid said...

Minorities in inner cities have been placed in a continuing spiral downward, as they cannot get a decent education from inept teaching staff and administrators. To some degree, vouchers and charter schools could help this problem, but they are apposed to these alternatives. With no skills, the inner city youth have a poor chance to be successful. With this said, the Left in academia blame "Whites" for their plight, when it is the Leftist elite that are much to blame for the failure of Inner city youth, perpetuated by strong teacher unions.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Actually, minorities in the inner city are working assiduously upward, but its not visible from where Squid sits. Its true that the faux "left" in academia have no better idea of what's really going on, and tend to prescribe solutions that are not helpful. But don't blame inner city minorities for the fact that the only "left" we have are a bunch of phonies who Lenin would have called "infantile disorders."

Ain't nobody "white" except lepers and albinos. Nobody can make you "white" without your consent.

Gary Fouse said...

From what I've heard about Milwaukee in recent years, there are plenty of problems. Whose fault is it?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Senator James Eastland's fault.

Read Jason De Parle's American Dream.

Squid asserted a "downward spiral." I asserted things are moving up. The former assertion might or might not mean "there are plenty of problems." It could pose Utopia as a starting point. My assertion assumes that there are problems, otherwise, we wouldn't be moving upward. From Perfection, how can there be any ups?

Squid said...

Again Siarlys, you speak from cosmic judgement. I am very close to the problems of L.A. City schools and I know their failures. I speak directly to inner city youth and hear their stories and complaints. This called direct experience on a daly basis. Can you claim this experience in the L.A. inner cities. No you cannot. Cease and desist with your screed.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

No Squid, I live, work, and volunteer in the inner city areas of a different city in a different state. I had not heard that all inner city problems are concentrated in Los Angeles, and that those who live in Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, Youngstown, Atlanta, Philadelphia, etc. are entirely unfamiliar with inner city youth and poverty. Do you live among those inner city youth you speak directly to, or do you commute to have structured conversations with them?

If you see a downward spiral, perhaps you are exerting a downward pressure?