Friday, May 12, 2017

UC Irvine Hate Week Post Mortem (Till Next Year)

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Another week of ill will, screaming and hate is in the books at UC Irvine. Once again, the Muslim Student Union and  Students for Justice in Palestine-this time aided by the American Indian Students Association and other assorted hotheads- have brought embarrassment to UC Irvine. Once again, the university has stood by and allowed the hate and the rhetoric to disrupt what is normally a peaceful campus as compared to many others. Once again, campus police had to be summoned when they should have been there all along on Wednesday night when the above students disrupted a pro-Israel event featuring five Israeli military reservists. This time their disgraceful acts were captured on video (by Yours Truly). Not only that, I have sent the video to university officials for whatever action they deem appropriate (which is probably nothing).

It is interesting to note that the five Israeli reservists were composed of two American-born women, one American-born man, a Bedouin Muslim, and a gay Lebanese Christian who had to flee Lebanon with his family to Israel where they were welcomed by the Israeli Jews-but not the Israeli Arabs.  You could take all 30 or so of these young brats who caused a ruckus Wednesday night-and Thursday afternoon, and they couldn't make any one of the five Israelis. When I asked them how many of them had ever worn the uniform of their country the room exploded in invective. There was so much shouting the only word I could decipher from one of them was the word, "Never!". That sums it up.

It is high time that UCI revoke the charter of both of these radical organizations masquerading as religious and human rights groups. They are nothing of the sort. They are supporters of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. They have brought nothing but turmoil and division to the UCI campus. I have been observing it for ten years. They bring in hateful speakers who spew invective while disrupting virtually every event in which opposite opinions are voiced. .They are incapable of debating their positions, which they amply demonstrated Wednesday night. Several had a chance to state their piece but rather than listen to the response, they got mad and stomped out. That is what they do. They are incapable of debating without exploding.

After the embarrassing incident Wednesday night, a young Asian-American student came up to speak to me. He was disgusted by what he saw though he he didn't indicate he was on one side or the other. I gave him a good piece of advice. When you see that one side refuses to allow the other side to speak, it gives you a good indication of which side is the right side.


UCI Observer said...

BRAVO to SSI at UC Irvine and to Kevin Brum for helping to arrange the visit by Reservists on Duty. As a witness to the daytime engagements near the "fake wall" and to the disrupted evening panel discussion, I can say that the Reservists, individually and collectively, were fearless, tirelessly engaging individuals in the crowd in a calm and skillful manner. Each one proudly challenged the hate being spewed by SJP and its supporters, while at the same time letting his or her own unique personality, background, and vibrancy shine through. The time is long overdue for UCI to overhaul its administrative staff, as they have shown themselves time and time again to be either biased or incapable of handling these situations, or both. Disciplining individual students and/or MSU/SJP/American Indian Assn,while necessary, is not itself a sufficient response.

michelle k. gross said...

Parents and students can use Prof Ross-Benjamin's list to evaluste whether a school fulfills its Federal duty to abide by Civil Rights equal protection statutes: