Monday, May 8, 2017

Palestinian "Hunger Strike"

Recently, many of the Palestinian terrorists sitting in Israeli jails have decided to go on a  hunger strike. Back here in the States, Palestinian supporters have organized some sort of demonstrations in which people are encouraged to drink salt water in solidarity with the prisoners. Little did they know that some of the prisoners are cheating in their so-called hunger strikes secretly eating snacks in their cells. Take Mr Marwan Barghouti, for example. Apparently unaware that his cell is visually monitored, Barghouti is seen eating while he is supposedly on a hunger strike. The Israelis have released video footage of Barghouti munching away in his cell.

But how can you blame him with the Israelis piping in food-themed music from Aaron Carter, the Olympics, and the unforgettable Marvin and Johnny? I mean, who can resist when you are being bombarded with reminders of candy, peanut butter and cherry pie? Here is the action-packed video. It lasts about 9 minutes, but it will go very fast especially with the great music.

I wonder if this guy is related to Omar Barghouti of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement targeted against Israel. He is a phony too-a phony Palestinian.

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