Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Juan Cole's Words Come Back to Bite Him

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Juan Cole is a professor at the University of Michigan and a leading apologist for Islamic terrorism. In Cole's view, the problems of the Middle East are the fault of the West, never the Arabs. In this piece in his curiously-named blog, Informed Comment, Cole writes about the Manchester attack, and, as usual, finds a way to place blame on the West.

The attacker was a British Muslim, born in Britain of Libyan descent. He spent three weeks in Libya before returning to England to carry out his mission.
In a talk at California State University at Long Beach in 2014, Cole condemned the British govt. for alerting the public that 400 British Muslims had left to join ISIS. He called this racist and that 400 Muslims from Britain was an minuscule number. I was present.
Looks like his words came back to bite him. I have reminded him of that in the reader thread, but he never allows my comments to appear.
Juan Cole may have a PhD, but he either is a very foolish man-or a very dishonest one.

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