Saturday, May 13, 2017

Jerusalem Post Article on UCI Disruption

The Jerusalem Post has published an article on the Wednesday night disruption at UC Irvine, It features personal accounts by some of the Israeli reservists who were giving a presentation when pro-Palestinian protesters entered the room and began to disrupt the proceedings. It also features video taken by the reservists. I invite the reader to watch the video as well as the video I took and then tell me if the below statement from UCI makes any sense.

“On Wednesday, May 10, Students Supporting Israel sponsored a discussion session featuring a panel of Israeli veterans. During the question-and-answer period, in the final 30 minutes of the session, a group of approximately 40 people entered the venue to ask questions. The discussion became heated, with shouting and chanting for several minutes. A UCI administrator, who was on the scene throughout the event, coordinated an orderly flow of questions and notified the UCI Police Department. 

The group of 40 left before the police arrived and the session continued without incident. Police officers escorted the panelists safely to the parking lot at the end of the event. No arrests were made."

An orderly flow of questions??? What a preposterous statement. If there was an orderly flow of questions, why were the campus police (belatedly) called? The video says it all.

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Miggie said...

The video is blocked somehow right at the beginning. Same thing happened when someone else sent me a link to the JP story.