Sunday, May 14, 2017

"College Campuses Are Not Free Speech Zones" Says CSU Fresno Professor

Hat tip Campus Reform and Students for LIfe

That's what a Cal State Fresno professor told  some pro-life folks as he and his students were wiping away chalk messages from the sidewalk.

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Free speech zone

Someone needs to explain to this boob that the entire USA is a free speech zone.

(I can't believe this guy is actually a Steeler fan.)

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Actually, private colleges are private property, and free speech on campus can be restricted much more than free speech in a public university or a city street.

But CSU is a public university, and no, there are no "free speech zones" except under police supervision outside of political conventions.

I would consider writing in chalk on a sidewalk to be vandalism, and fair game for anyone to erase, UNLESS, as the person said, they had gotten official permission to put it there, in which case, the professor and his students should face five years in prison for intimidating a person exercising a constitutionally protected right.