Sunday, May 21, 2017

CCNY President Apologizes for SJP Disruption

On May 11, Israel's consul general for New York, Dani Dayan, was heckled and disrupted as he spoke at City College of New York. And who were the perpetrators? Need you ask? It was, of course, Students for Justice in Palestine. Also participating was the incoming student body president. After viewing footage of the incident, interim college president Vincent Boudreau has issued an apology.

Oh yes. Maxine Waters also condemned the disruption.

Once again, this renegade student group, which has no respect for free speech, has disrupted a Jewish/Israeli event. I can only hope against hope that the students involved with be expelled including Mr. Incoming Student Body president Choudhury. I also suggest that SJP be permanently barred from this campus.

What also needs to be done is for SJP to be banned from all university campuses.

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