Friday, May 26, 2017

Another Horrific Attack Against Coptic Christians

-Vlad Tepes (graphic)

Yet again, Egypt's Coptic Christians,a community that pre-dates the arrival of Islam in Egypt, have suffered another horrific attack. Gunmen attacked a busload of Copts killing 28 including children.

Meanwhile in the US, Muslim leaders  like CAIR keep complaining about Islamophobia, as if American Muslims were being subjected to these kinds of horror.

Last night, I came across a Facebook posting by Lincoln University's odious Kaukab Siddique, a man notorious for making incendiary remarks about Jews, gays, and Western civilization in general. I became involved in a rather long exchange until he blocked my access. When he said that Israel would soon be militarily defeated, I reminded him that the entire Arab world had attempted to do that three times and failed. He retorted that Israel hadn't gone up against the Mujihadeen yet.

Of course, he was referring to people like those who attacked that bus Friday killing innocent civilians and children. Those are the"brave" mujihadeen he talks about. People who slaughter innocents and fight behind human shields. Yet, when they come up against real soldiers, they lose every time.

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