Friday, April 14, 2017

UC Irvine Hosting Pipeline Panel

UC Irvine Office of Student Affairs is hosting a panel discussion on April 18 on the pipeline controversy. Here is the announcement:

Judging by the bios, I have a sneaking suspicion there will not be any pro-pipeline voices on this panel.

Here is a sample of what we can expect:

Janaya Khan is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter in Canada,  (I didn't know Canada had a problem with racist Mounties going around shooting down innocent black people in Canadian cities. Oh well.)

Here is a sample of Ms. Khan speaking on the need to tear down the whole justice system. ( I don't know whether she is talking about Canada, the US or both.)

In addition, Khan is also an activist against Israel with a few questionable Palestinian associates according to Canary Mission. Since she is also a gay activist, I would suggest the next time she goes to Israel to give them a hard time, she stay out of Gaza. They throw gays off rooftops there, you know-something they do not do in Israel. I don't challenge Ms Khan's right to speak, but I wonder if the Office of Student Affairs is putting their imprimatur on her "wide-ranging" positions.

But I digress. The topic is the pipeline. So here are my questions:

Assuming all of these panelists are anti-pipeline, is this the position of UCI's Office of Student Affairs? Has the UCI Office of Student Affairs previously invited someone to give an opposing viewpoint-in favor of the pipeline? If not, will they?

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Is there some book on the History of the Decline of Academia?