Sunday, April 9, 2017

Two Churches Struck in Egypt: At Least 43 Dead

ISIS is claiming credit for two attacks carried out against Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday. At least 43 people are dead at this point.

This is the plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt with out or without ISIS. I would hope that today as the Christian churches celebrate Palm Sunday in the US and other Western countries, prayers will be offered for the dead and their families. It would not surprise me if some churches fail to even mention it.

Political correctness, you know.

Update: MFA News and Vlad Tepes. The below link is a 3 minute video of the carnage in one of the churches. Warning: It is extremely graphic. With all due respect to the victims and their families, I feel it is important for people to see what is happening to Christians in the Middle East.

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