Saturday, April 8, 2017

Susan Rice and John Kerry and How They Touted That Syrian Deal of 2013

Now that Bashar al Assad has once again used chemical weapons against his own people (sarin gas), it might be useful to go back and recall that great deal Obama did with the Russians and Assad in 2013  that supposedly got rid of those weapons. Above, John Kerry was explaining to Al Hunt on the Charlie Rose show what a great deal it was. There's another  ostrich head he can hang in his trophy room. It kind of makes you wonder about that other deal Kerry made with the Iranians.

Then there is poor Susan Rice telling Rachel Martin of NPR in January about the great deal the Obama administration did.

(Lawrence Welk thought it was a wonderful deal too.)

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yes, and all the Republicans in congress and on the air waves were condemning President Obama for even thinking of responding militarily to what Syria was doing. Because... because.... because if Barack Obama was considering doing anything, then it must be wrong. The president asked congress to vote on it, and congress refused him the authority to act.