Saturday, April 1, 2017

Student Loses Credit on Paper for Using Word "Mankind"

Hat tip Campus Reform

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(We must do something about that obviously sexist mascot.)

“By the same token, I will still need to subtract a point because your choice will not be made in the letter or spirit of this particular class, which is all about having you and other students looking beneath your assumptions and understanding that ‘mankind’ does not mean ‘all people’ to all people. It positively does not.”

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"Oh, the humanity"

This story reminds me of Melissa Click, the (fired) University of Missouri journalism professor who didn't know the first thing about the First Amendment when she tried to physically stop a student journalist from videotaping a public protest in a public space.

Now we have Dr. Anne Scott, whom I will call "Annie", who docked one of her student's English papers because she used the word, "mankind".

What we have here is a deliberate attempt by academia, including Dr. Annie here to fundamentally change the English language to fit their vision of the world. Now they even want to change our pronouns into something gender neutral as if guys and gas are all a bunch of person-hole covers. What Annie doesn't get even though she is an English teacher, is that the word "mankind" has been an English word and found in dictionaries for centuries-long before she was hatched from her gender neutral egg. To take credit off  a girl's-excuse me- student's paper for using that word is akin to Melissa Click trying to remove a reporter from a public event.

But this is the sheer craziness you find at universities these days.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Although you have cited two perverse idiots, I fail to see the slightest connection, other than respective penchants for idiocy.