Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Revisionist Middle Eastern History Taught in US Schools

The below 2011 report was released by Act for America. It describes in detail how our educational system has been taken over by people dedicated to teaching our children a positive image of Islam in the schools to the point where it is historically inaccurate. I make particular reference to page 14, which describes how Saudi money has funded a revisionist history of the Middle East going back into the 1970s. False Dissertations about the Middle East and Israel are today accepted as scholarly fact.


Miggie said...

The thing libtards never, ever, consider is CONSEQUENCES! Whether it is ObamaCare or Immigration or same sex toilets. You take the dogs, you take the fleas. You welcome the immigrants you are going X number of terrorists, you get Y number of demands that we change our culture. Not all immigrants, but just these kind of immigrants.

Squid said...

I just started to reread "The Road to Serfdom" which thoroughly describes and outlines how countries turn to Socialism, then become a totalitarian, central government controlled beasts run by elites. All the "transformation" that has occurred in the past eight years points to the road to serfdom, especially when one experiences the Fake News, scandals in our Government and revision of history. This road to serfdom has been occurring in America for the past 100 years and has sped up in the past eight years. Kengor does a great job of throwing light on this transformation in his book "Dupes". All one has to do is watch to behavior of the Democrats in the US government to see the scramble to preserve this transformation. America is currently in a ideological civil war that must be won by Constitutionalists, if we want to preserve what our Founding Fathers gave us 240 years ago.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

History has always been taught inaccurately in our schools. The root problem is not, who is writing the textbooks, but the fact that teaching history relies on textbooks. If a student can pass a history course without having to read widely from a variety of library shelves and original sources, they haven't learned history.

Ummm... Squid... I'm the constitutionalist here. You don't have a clue what our Founding Fathers gave us.