Thursday, April 27, 2017

More Junk Mail From Dianne Feinstein

Sometime in the past I signed one of those online petition letters to our California senators asking them not to support admittance of Syrian "refugees" into the US. Today, I received a "response" (no doubt in the same words as every response to similar letters). Here is what the octogenarian senator had to say. Note- In the letter are several links where I can follow her activities in Congress. I deleted them rather than go to the trouble of making them operable on the blog by retyping them from my email account.

I take issue with her on a couple of points (other than she is not going to oppose the admittance of these refugees). First of all, how can they be the most thoroughly vetted of all when we don't have access to Syrian records on these people? Does she really think we have access to Syrian police records or Syrian government intelligence records on these people? Ridiculous.

Secondly, this idea of making people from visa waiver countries go through the visa process if they have traveled to Iraq or Syria in the past 5 years is absurd. Are they going to tell us? Will they be carrying genuine passports with Syrian or Iraqi border stamps in them? What stupidity.

Dear Mr. Fouse:

Thank you for contacting me to share your opposition to the resettlement of refugees in the United States.  I welcome the opportunity to respond.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR), there are currently more than 60 million registered refugees in the world.  Over 4 million of those refugees are Syrian refugees seeking assistance after fleeing more than six years of conflict in Syria.  The Syrian conflict has led to the world’s worst ongoing humanitarian crisis and the worst refugee crisis since World War II.  

I understand that you oppose admitting refugees to the U.S. because you believe they pose a threat to our national security.  You may be interested to know that refugees are the most thoroughly vetted foreign nationals of all foreigners admitted to the U.S.  All U.S. refugee applicants, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, or religion, are required to meet strict criteria, including security checks through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Intelligence Community, and the U.S. Department of State, in order to qualify for admission.  Additionally, refugees from certain countries must go through additional clearance checks.  For example, biometric information, such as fingerprints and photographs, are collected from refugees and compared to the vast biometric holdings that the U.S. government has on foreign nationals.  Unlike most foreign nationals traveling to the U.S., it can take up to 24 months before a refugee is admitted.  This is in addition to vetting that is conducted by international organizations before a refugee is sent to the U.S. refugee agency abroad for processing. 

That said, please know that protecting the safety of Americans is my top priority as a United States Senator.  As Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I have long believed that our nation’s intelligence and law enforcement capabilities serve as our best defense against terrorism.  I believe now, more than ever, that we need to remain vigilant.  

As you may know, the 2015 terrorist attack in Paris was perpetrated by individuals who were citizens of France and Belgium, meaning they could have come to the U.S. without needing a visa, through a program called the “Visa Waiver Program.”  That is why I introduced bipartisan legislation known as the “Visa Waiver Program Security Enhancement Act” (S. 2337), which had 25 cosponsors and would have required travelers from Visa Waiver countries to use the standard visa application process if they have traveled to either Iraq or Syria within the last five years.   I am pleased to share that provisions from the “Visa Waiver Program Security Enhancement Act” were included in the Fiscal Year 2016 Federal Appropriations law (Public Law 114-113), which was signed into law on December 18, 2015.

Once again, thank you for writing. Should you have any other questions or comments, please call my Washington office. (deleted)

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Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

  Dianne Feinstein
         United States Senator


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Why does anyone want to lie, much less put it in writing for the whole world to read then sign "your" name to it? Simply said, stupidity. Dianne Feinstein has never been the brightest light bulb on the street. Nor has she ever known common sense. No history education in the involvement of the US in starting the Syrian crisis or how the US gov. has contributed to its ongoing refugee crisis. She has a nice salary, a nice home, and lots of room, let her and her fellow congressmen put the refugees in their homes and pay for their expenses. The US has said no. And to the "vetting" LOL. Least vetted is more like it. US citizens go through more at the airport other than turn styles. A bottle a water can not travel out of the US or even in the US without being more "vetted" than refugees.

Squid said...

First, Dianne Feinstein is a Progressive. This means that we cannot really trust her judgement on anything political.
Second, Feinstein's letter is meaningless screed as it is more Progressive talking points than real communication on topic.
Three, there can be extreme vetting. Just ask if the refugee is Muslim, believes in Sharia law from the Koran, Hadith, Sunna and renounce Sharia Law, in addition to willingly embrace the U.S. Constitution in place of Sharia Law.
Four, If they do not renounce Sharia and embrace the U.S. Constitution, it is good bye and good luck.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

At least she acknowledged your position. I once wrote a letter to Sen Russ Feingold opposing the nomination of Elena Kagen to the Supreme Court. I got back a boiler plate letter cheerfully assuring me he was fully committed to approving her nomination. No mention of my opposition. I voted for him anyway, because the GOP... well, as the Contra said to the senate committee about the window dressing the State Dept. set up and called a "civilian leadership," seriously, where do you find these people?