Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Iraqi Asylum-Seeker in Sweden Goes to Prison for Multiple Assaults Against Women

Hat tip Fria Tider

Here is the latest horror story out of Sweden. An Iraqi asylum seeker convicted of assaulting three older women in the same day. He is getting 8-1/2 years in prison and deportation. I guess they are getting a little bit tougher in Sweden.

I have translated the article from the Swedish in Fria Tider.

Strangled 70-year-old until passed out: "She is a racist"

Iraqi asylum seeker living in the asylum accommodation Dala Horse Camping and Cabins. He was identified in connection with his selfies (top right in picture) compared with a pair of bloody aviator glasses found at one of the crime scenes.

DOMESTIC. A 39-year-old Arab asylum seeker brutally attacked several women outdoors in Avesta - one of which was left bloody and unconscious to die in a ditch. Now he is sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for attempted murder, among other things.
- "She is a racist," said the asylum seeker in the interrogation about another woman he choked until she was unconscious.

It was September 7 last year that the man attacked several women in Avesta in southern Dalarna.

One of the victims, who is in her 50s, was on her way home from the pharmacy along a bicycle and walking trail when the asylum seeker attacked and brutally beat her by force to the head. The Arab then dragged the bloodied unconscious woman into a ditch and stole her earrings and cash. There, she was found during the wee hours of the night, next to a pine tree that was smeared with blood, and was then, according to the (medical) judgment, in a medical life-threatening condition with a traumatic brain injury.

Another woman, who is in her 70s, had, the same day, cycled to the recycling station with newspapers and advertisements when the asylum seeker jumped her at a dumpster and pushed her. When she tried to ride away, he ran after her and pushed her down on the ground. In connection with the fall, she struck the arm of a concrete foundation, with the result that the arm was unusable. After that, the  Arab took her  around her arm and pulled her around four meters towards the forest. As she lay flat, he stood crouching behind her and took a grip around her neck and pressed until her eyes went black  and she fell unconscious.

The Asylum Seeker denied  both assaults in interviews but said he knew the older woman. He explained that she was "racist" and that he "hated" her.

A third woman was attacked by the 39-year-old at the recycling station the same afternoon. He contented himself by pawing at her chest and buttocks.

A pair of bloody aviator glasses which were found by the first woman in the ditch were compared by police with selfies the  39-year-old had in his cell phone. And after a search of the asylum seeker's home more evidence against him was found.

The man, who came to Sweden from Iraq during the asylum turmoil in autumn 2015, has been living bin asylum accommodation at Dala Horse Camping and Cabins in Avesta.

He was sentenced yesterday by Falu District Court for attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault, theft and abuse in court (because in  the hearings, he threatened to kill the older woman he strangled).

The punishment was imprisonment of eight years and six months and expulsion for life.

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