Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Geology Professor Choosing Students Based on Race

Hat tip Campus Reform

"I feel an earthquake."

This must be an example of that environmental justice  they talk about on college campuses. A geology professor at Pomona College is limiting her students to those of certain races. I guess white students will not be able to take her class on earthquakes and water.

Recently, I attended a panel discussion at UC Irvine. One of the panelists, a lady from the NAACP, told us that environmental issues impact disadvantaged minorities and communities of color disproportionately, for example, African-Americans living near coal smelting plants.

Maybe this teacher thinks minorities are disproportionately affected by earthquakes. Could that be?

Or is this the reason?

"Dr. Linda Reinen, who will teach the earthquakes course this fall, plans to use her approval authority to prefer students from marginalized backgrounds, such as non-whites and low-income students, whom she believes will derive “particular benefit” from a smaller and less competitive course."
Linda A. Reinen
Apparently, Dr Reinen thinks that non-whites should be in less competitive courses. I didn't say it; she did. Personally, I think that is condescending to say the least. But that's the liberal left. They think certain people must be coddled and helped along because they cannot succeed on their own.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I think she just disqualified herself from teaching the course.

Gary Fouse said...

Yes. Only teachers of color need apply.