Friday, April 28, 2017

Asst. School Principal Loses it With Anti-Abortion Kids

Hat tip The College Fix


Like me, I'm sure you remember your high school  vice principal. Ours was a guy named Mr. Wilson. We called him Willy. This was when I  was a 14-year-old punk at Webster Jr. High School in W Los Angeles. Me and my dopey friends all thought it was cool to smoke. According to the school rules, we couldn't smoke until after we had arrived home after school in the afternoon. Most of our parents didn't know we were smoking, so we preferred to light up while walking home. Mr Wilson would drive all around the neighborhood in his VW trying to nail us smoking. When he did, it meant a trip the principal's office the next day, a call to our shocked parents, and a paddling on the butt with wooden board. That was the old days.

Now we have people like Zach Ruff, asst. principal at the Downingtown STEM school in Pennsylvania. Last week, when Mr Ruff saw a group of Christian teens standing on the corner of his school with anti-abortion posters, he jumped into action-and made a total fool of himself. The video is worth all 18 minutes as he makes a spectacle of himself cursing at the kids and trying to drown out what the kids are saying by singing to passing motorists. At one point, a motorist gets out of his car and gets in Mr Ruff's grille in defense of the kids. It's all good fun.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

The principal did indeed make a royal ass of himself. The fact that he wasted taxpayer-funded time running out to interfere with an expression of a viewpoint is itself ludicrous. The fact that he did NOT call the police shows that he knew he didn't have a legal leg to stand on. I have thought for some time that no matter what decade one chooses, there is a species of school administrator that insists they are going to give orders on matters that are none of their business. Some decades, it was writing official approved prayers and ordering students to recite them. Other decades it was prohibiting students from bringing Bibles to school in backpacks. But by God the principal is going to stick his nose where he wants to and tell people what to think. If I had happened by, rather than getting up in the principal's face, I would have walked over to those carrying the signs and engaged in a quiet conversation with them. And if the principal interfered, I would have called the police. As it happens, I disagree with a good deal of what they were saying, but I could have had a perfectly fine conversation about it, and that would have gotten the principal's goat. He may be unaware that students at his school have a protected constitutional right to form, say, a Pro-Life Student Club, if there are any who want to. I could look up and cite a few Supreme Court cases on the subject. Mergens v. Westside comes to mind. And what does him being gay have to do with anything? There gaysforlife, godlessatheistsforlife...