Monday, April 3, 2017

An Appeal For a Worthy Cause

My readers may recall Miggie, a frequent contributor to the comments part of this blog and a good friend of mine. He has sent me a request to disseminate the below information. The person it concerns, John Kabuchwa,  is someone I have also met though don't know him well. I am familiar with the work he has done with Miggie during the latter's recent illness and rehabilitation. Please consider a contribution to this cause.

Dear Gary,

I just recently learned about the extent of the drought in Kenya. It has now reached national emergency status. See

It happens that John Kabuchwa, the home healthcare giver who nursed me back to health two years ago had founded an orphanage with his wife in Nakuru Kenya. They began by picking up and taking in destitute street children.  One by one, they fulfilled the exhortation to feed the hungry, clothe those in need, and provide shelter to the homeless.  They take care of 50 children now.   Bring up their website ( (copy and paste to address line) to see the children and the facility.    They have established a  school and acquired a working farm to provide most of their food.

Unfortunately, the drought has caused crop failures and they are forced to buy food where and when they can with their meager resources. I am helping them out and I hope you are able to contribute to alleviate their plight.

Please write a check payable to John Kabuchwa, FBO Transform Boys Center. Send the check to John Kabuchwa, TBC, 2912 Pepper Tree Lane, Apt B, Costa Mesa CA 92626.

John will convert every penny to Mpesa, which will then be immediately available to the orphanage in Kenya. John has appealed to me in this emergency and I have extended the appeal and the opportunity for this Mitzvah to my friends.

Thank you,



Miggie said...

Thanks so much for putting up this appeal, Gary.

If you click on the link and go to the orphanage web site, click on the photo gallery in the upper right corner. You will see all that they provide for these children. You will also see the farm which is now in peril because of the drought.

I believe that we all have a place in our heart that responds to an appeal for hungry children. Just providing them shelter, sustenance, and education makes them worthy for all praise in my book. Imagine this! John and his wife just began by taking in abandoned street children and it grew into an orphanage now with some 50 kids.... just because it was the right thing to do.

John is here now, still managing the orphanage from afar, while he works, and completes his education. Quite a guy, eeh?

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, I am very impressed.I hope to meet him again.