Friday, March 10, 2017

Will Reza Aslan Be the New Anthony Bourdain?

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Frontpage Magazine

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As Robert Spencer says in the below article, Muslim activist Reza Aslan is not a very smart guy though he passes himself off as one. Why else why he be teaching at UC Riverside along with other lefties like David Lloyd? Aslan is a guy who can never quite decide which religion he wants to follow or become an "expert"on. I have seen this guy speak twice, and needless to say, I am underwhelmed.

Now, however, Aslan has a show on CNN featuring his muddled thinking about religion and religions. It appears that he may be angling to take over Anthony Bourdain's show,  Unknown Parts. Aslan has now traveled to far off India and has been featured eating-----human brains.

Or maybe Reza can supplant TV glutton Guy Fieri. I can just see it all now. Aslan comes smokin' into Bullsnuts, Colorado to visit a famous barbecue joint (halal, of course). After five plates of brisket and ribs, Aslan dives into a plate of Rocky Mountain oysters. When he asks what it is halfway through the plate, they tell him and wait for his look of shock. Non-plussed, Reza tells them, "That's nothing. Let me tell ya what I ate in India."

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

During the heyday of the Clamshell Alliance and the Rocky Mountain Oyster Alliance, I suggested that anti-nuclear activists in the western interior should call themselves the Rocky Mountain Oyster Alliance.