Thursday, March 16, 2017

What Is Up With the Anti-Trump, Leftist Jews?

Hat tip Algemeiner and Barry

Algemeiner, a site I often use for reference, is featuring a provocative article by Isi Leibler calling out the leftist Jews-specifically the ADL and its current head, Jonathan Greenblat for their opposition to President Trump. Leibler argues that the Jewish left is unfairly accusing Trump of anti-semitism, when he is an open supporter of Israel.

As I have said before, I just don't get the ADL. When it comes to campus anti-semitism, they have been lacking for years. While Jewish students are harassed on campuses by pro-Palestinian bullies, the ADL seems to care more about perceived Islamophonia-as if they are gaining brownie points from Muslims.

It is also difficult to fathom why so many Jews embraced President Obama when he showed such obvious disdain for Israel and Netanyahu. What did Obama and his Justice Department ever do to address anti-semitism? Very little if anything. The inescapable conclusion, however, is that leftism trumps every other consideration for lefties of all stripes. The ADL is very happy to assign anti-semitism to Trump,  his supporters, white racists, and alt-right (whoever they are). That fits the leftist, politically-correct agenda. It does not reflect true reality, however.

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